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Ready Ride Transportation focuses on NEMT (Non-emergency medical transportation) for you and your loved ones. We are a Michigan based company located in Byron Center MI providing transportation to all points in the State of Michigan. We have been servicing the needs of our customers since 2003. In that time we have provided transportation to tens of thousands of clients with well over a million trips


Area of Operation

We are committed to providing the community with professional non-emergency medical transportation. Our services are available to all riders, regardless of age or physical capabilities.

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Our professional drivers are First Aid and CPR trained. For client peace of mind and security, all of our courteous staff, attired in corporate uniforms, wear Ready Ride picture identification.

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Ready Ride Transportation offers our clients the most modern fleet in the State of Michigan. Our vehicles, fully equipped with the latest advances including on-board GPS, handling most requirements.

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What We Do!

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What we Do

Our Clients …

use our services again and again because every trip we provide is as important and personal to us as the one we provide for you. Ready Ride's continuous safety and accident prevention training has eliminated all serious incidents resulting in personal injuries of our passengers and staff.

And We …

are one of the oldest and most trusted NEMT companies in the State. We use the latest technological advances in the office and within our fleet to and including on-board GPS. We regularly provide transportation services to various private clients, business, federal, state and local government agencies. Our specialized transportation is normally covered by most insurance carriers.

are the experts in the field of NEMT transportation and we always strive to provide the most comfortable, safe, reliable, dignified and courteous transportation for special needs clients and their families.